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Editorial - 1/28/13

So other than fermenting class-warfare and pay-check-envy, why tax-slam successful Americans, forcing negative adjustments, as with France's former President Sarkozy, facing a 70% tax rate, now talking about moving to England (he may, also, be tired of the French!).  As the Feds seek to devour more from hard-working, owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and stellar employees, capitalism's incentive to take risks, start or grow a business, strive for achievement and financial reward, is diminished, driving many, no doubt, to reduce output and employees, since the reward for assuming risk, personal-debt, and working one's tail-off, becomes far less so, as  Big Fed unreasonably-confiscates the fairly-earned income of business people, small and large, who pursue prosperity; like freedom, a core-opportunity of traditional-America.       

The reason for tax-hammering the successful among us is not about deficit or debt reduction.  If you believe it is, you're a cranial space-particle trapped in earth-orbit.  Punitive taxation is all about the politics of "fair share," by "according to their need" collective income-redistribution, the back-bone of Communism, not the Constitutionally-based liberty of capitalism. Thanks to our democratic-republic, all citizens are blessed with equal opportunities,  not equal outcomes .  Closing achievement-gaps demands individual- responsibility, and with it, work-ethic, lack of bad decisions, a commitment to learning, and, by one's performance, continually-exceeding expectations.  In sum, real, lasting success demands hard work.   So, work for a check, don't wait for one.  America's true economic-inequality today is lack of jobs, caused by the uncertainty and excessive-regulation from this Administration.  Thus, over-coming stagnation, is in the hands of the private-sector, those whom D.C. now chooses to verbally and financially bludgeon.   Responsibly-governed, American free-enterprise, is the only solution for our economic survival, and retention of freedom.

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