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Bulloch couple talks about new daughter, Russian adoption ban

Hadley Brown Hadley Brown

Hadley Brown has lived in her new home less than two weeks but she's roaming around like she's been there the entire 17 months of her life. Her adoptive parents, Jason and Allison Brown, brought her to America from an orphanage in Russia. It completed nearly two years of effort to adopt. The couple said it was an endless supply of research and prayer led them toward international adoption.

"We felt strongly that they are all God's children and in the book of James, God says to care for the widows and orphans. He doesn't say care for widows and orphans just in the United States," Allison explained.

The couple worked with an adoption agency and made two trips to Russia in the process.

"We went back in November for our court appearance and were able to spend 10 different visits with her," Jason noted. "By our second trip, we knew that this was our child and she was supposed to be with us."

After their November decree was finalized in a Russian court, the Russian government banned adoptions to American families. With Hadley now in America, Jason could state his opinion on the move.

"I think it's retaliation against the U.S. over our sanctions of their government over human rights violations," he said candidly.

The Browns traveled to Russia in early January with no certainty of Hadley's future.

"It was almost like if she wasn't going to be able to come home. It would have been like someone had kidnapped our daughter. It wouldn't be like we just weren't able to get her. It would be like we had her and she was gone," he added.

They were one of a dozen or so American families in Russia at the same time, trying to bring home their adopted children. The Russian government so far has allowed those who'd already been to court and obtained adoption decrees to bring their children to America.

"Our adoption agency was with us all the way, God was with us all the way," Jason said. "There were things that happened I still can't explain how they did. But they worked themselves out."

They now hope the other families who'd started the process will be able to bring their children to a new life in the United States.

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