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GPS on stolen phone leads cops to home invasion suspects


Moses Mulligan and his brother Tobias thanked Savannah-Chatham Metro robbery detectives Monday night.

The brothers were at the downtown headquarters recovering their computers, iPhones, iPads, and guns after they were robbed Monday morning.

"Two people kicked in the door and put a gun in my face," Moses Mulligan said.

His brother was in the back bedroom of their home in Jasmine Place Apartments.

"The suspect made me sit with my face right to the drain of the bathtub with a gun to the back of my head. I pretty much though I was going to be shot," Tobias Mulligan said.

Police say the suspects went through the apartment taking anything valuable. They then robbed a woman on their way out.

What the suspects didn't know is the iPhones and iPads have a tracking feature that can be used if they are lost of stolen.

"Within a few minutes it pulled up exactly where my iPad and iPhone were. Police had thesuspects about fifteen minutes later," Tobias Mulligan said.

Police arrested the suspects not far away on East 37th St. Detectives were not releasing the suspects' names Monday night, but were pleased to have the case solved so quickly.

"When you get a case like this where the patrol and the detectives work together and it comes out on top with us making an arrest at the end of the day, that is a good feeling," Detective Chris Ross said.

The Mulligan brothers say they're also feeling good to have their items back. The say they are keeping a gun on them at all times after this experience.

"They absolutely lucked out because I almost always have a pistol in my room next to my bed and they would have been shot," Tobias Mulligan said.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and there could be more arrests in the coming days.

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