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Negotiations to avoid lowcountry bus driver strike continue

John Elliot John Elliot

A strike among Beaufort County school bus drivers depends on contract negotiations between them and their employer, Durham School Services.

"We want to resolve this, so we put forth a proposal for Beaufort," Durham's CEO Emeritus John Elliot said. "We want to get this done as soon as possible so we can eliminate the questions whether or not there's going to be transportation [for students]"

Elliot said the company is offering the drivers a "generous" deal, and he's hoping they take it.

Durham is offering a 50 cent pay increase to all first year bus drivers, and a 45 cent pay increase to drivers with two or more years on he job.

The teamsters union and Durham both agree that there should be a "no strike" clause in the contract, Elliot said. But, the union wants there to be a provision in there that allows a sympathy strike, which will allow them to support unions from other areas who are striking. Durham doesn't agree.

The Teamsters Union voted to approve a strike if one is needed, but there is no strike scheduled.

Talks between the union and Durham will continue this Thursday in Charleston.

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