InSITE--A Healthy Place to Surf

How do you take care of a typical household burn? What's the best way to lose weight? Two very different topics, but the same first stop for the basic information. Hard to believe, but it's actually a government site, and it is here to help you. Healthfinder is a clearing house of tons of information, so much, you'll want to bookmark it and come back often.

Take the library section. You can browse every topic they have, in alphabetical order, or start a search, narrow it down by a handful of categories, or just pick from a list of the top topics they have. There is a lot to choose from. Here's that list of health topics, things you want to research at home, or get questions answered before or after your doctor visit. That's where we find all the first aid info, some really good stuff to skim over, general knowledge that'll save time and pain the next time there's a minor emergency around your house.

For something a bit more permanent, check out the massive collection of support group links. If you have it, if you've heard of it, it's here, and somebody's willing to help you through the tough times and challenges. They also have a neat list of checkups you can check yourself and see how you fare. Pick the first letter of the topic. I picked "d" for diabetes, and after a couple of clicks... It took me to the American Diabetes Association risk test. Healthfinder has several of these covering all sorts of topics.