InSITE--Click to Better Health... With Your Kids

We're always trying to help you get, and stay healthy, from the "Feel Better Challenge" to Health Notes and Kids MD. I found another site for you and your children. Healthfinder. I wanted to take you back. Then take you to another corner, the kids corner if you will. The first stop is for the parents. More sites that draw kids in should have one of these, an explanation about keeping your kids safe on the site, by keeping their information private. Read these rules and remember them, since they should help you keep your kids surfing safely. While we're at it, check out their tips you can give your kids, in a way they'll understand. It's very simple, and a good place to start if your youngsters are just getting started on the 'Web. Since they are a little simplistic, check the list for more extensive safe surfing tips, depending on age and experience. They have an extensive, but simple library just for parents about kids problems. Here's a simple example, perfect for us. Sun protection . Check the list of links on the topic. Addressing the people who just love the sun, and ruin their skin, to the nuts and bolts of protecting toddlers for that day at the beach.

Getting back to the kids stuff, and some cool stuff, they have a list of topics your children really need to know about. Like smoking. Check out the long list of links you can both click together. Like this one that talks about the way kids get hooked on cigarettes, through peer pressure and advertising.

You can't have a kids site without some games, so here's the links page. I picked one from the EPA that helps kids understand the dangers around the house take a look, pick a part of the house, like the backyard, and everywhere you click, there's a warning about a potential hazard. Like rat poison that might be in the shed.

Or the slightly goofy game where you're supposed to bash the toxic waste bugs in the backyard. Some things for your kids to do, for you to check, but more importantly, it's a chance for you to surf the 'Web with your kids, and learn together.