Editorial feedback - 1/28/13

I found your editorial on taxation to be as offensive as anything I have seen since John Barrow's gun control ads. The tax rates in the 50's and 60's were significantly higher than the new rates and the USA continued to move forward. What is more dangerous than the soon to be tax rates is the direction of income inequality that has continued to widen since the 8 year disaster that was George W. Bush. If you value quality of life and living standards look at the Scandinavian model that boasts the highest quality of life for all of its citizens. It is not communism. It is valuing the common good. These countries have higher tax rates than anything we deal with and yet they have first class health care, education, and security in retirement. I will pay higher taxes and I am willing to do so because I care about my fellow citizens. Read some Paul Krugman and get back to me.

Craig Stevens
Savannah, Ga.

If you are going to make coments, at least be accurit. You have a responsibility to be accurit and not spread paranoia nor hate. Be real, not like the stupid GOP.

Clark Richardson
Ridgeland, SC