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Editorial Salute - 1/31/13

It's now been over 35-years since the conclusion of America's life-ending casualties in the Vietnam War.  In the fight, back then, to stop the rampant spread of Communism in Asia, Vietnam was a war won by our military, but lost by our political leaders, who persisted in directing distant combat by remote-control.  A war that, likely and inexcusably, remains all but unknown to succeeding generations, while legions of our Vietnam combat-vets, carry with them, still, the horrors of a far-away conflict, with the lives of close-friends-lost, while, others, faced limbs or minds shattered, and tragedy- compounded, by our MIA's & POW's, sadly left behind.

There are over 58-thousand names engraved in the black-marble of the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington.  Forty-thousand of our troops lost in that war were age twenty-two or younger, a sad and stark statistic that follows in the wake of every modern war.  Three-quarters of those were age 18.  One soldier was just 15.  Almost 1,000 of our troops were killed on their first day in-country; nearly 15-hundred, on their last.  By their exceptional courage and actions, 244 of our warriors earned the Medal of Honor; almost 2/3rd's of them, posthumously.  The names of eight women, also appear on the Wall, medical personnel killed while tending to our wounded.

We owe it to our veterans of Vietnam, living or dead, to learn about this distant conflict; about the incredible challenges, hardships and expectations these brave Americans faced; and the disgraceful reception far-too-many of them received when returning home, by clueless, politically-brainwashed Americans, who chose to take out their objections on those who fought, rather than on those who sent them. That spectacle remains, one of the darkest, most ignorant events in our history.  Learn more about the Vietnam War, then do remember America's costly sacrifices made there, for freedom.   



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