Community Spirit--Reese Brown

Reese Brown
Reese Brown

What are you doing to get fit? With so many different exercise programs, it might be hard to figure out what really works. One man has brought something new to the area and is leading a group to their fitness goals. His name is Reese Brown and he's serious about getting the entire area in tip-top shape.

Just last month, this former sailor started Boot Camp Savannah. And his military-style fitness program is already getting rave reviews.

Long before the first rays of sun hit the Hostess City, many Savannahians are already hard at work, trying to get in shape at Lake Mayer. "It's exhilarating," said boot camper Don Calabro. "It is probably the most strenuous [exercise] I can find in Savannah."

And it's bringing people of all sizes, shapes, ages and backgrounds together. Don is retired military and used to this type of a challenge while others are doing more than they ever imagined. Lakisha Cohen also joined the program when it first started six weeks ago.

Although it means getting started bright and early at 6am, she and others admit it's well worth it. "Where we take time to do for everyone else, our jobs and everything, we usually put ourselves last and I feel like I'm doing more for me," she said.

Doing more because of Reese Brown, the man who developed the program. "It was designed to help work with folks who were having problems passing their physical fitness readiness test, so we brought it over to the civilian sector without all of the yelling and screaming," Reese told us.

"Reese is definitely a great motivator," said Don.

A motivator who is helping many like Lakisha and Don tone and tighten up until they reach their fitness goals. "I've lost weight and inches around the waist and gained muscle, so I've toned up considerably," said Don.

"Realistically you should expect to drop between three to eight percent body fat and 5 to 15 pounds over a four-week course," said Reese.

For challenging so many to leave the fads alone and get back to the basics to get in shape, Reese Brown is part of the WTOC Community Spirit.

Boot Camp Savannah is held Monday through Friday from 6am to 7am or from 6pm to 7pm. The class is also part of the Feel Better Challenge. You can earn 150 bonus points for attending five consecutive days.

The class is $5 per session, but you can check out Boot Camp free of charge on Wednesdays. More information is available online or by calling Reese at 713.5447.

Next month, Reese is starting Champ Camp, a program for children between the ages of six and 16. Reese's goal is to get everyone in shape.

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