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Tim's Take: Super Monday


There will be debate about the teams in the Super Bowl. Even the Harbaugh brothers can't agree which one should win.

But after America spends Sunday eating, drinking and lounging in front of the TV, there should be little objection to wanting to do the same thing again on Monday, right?

"I think that's crazy,'' said PattyYanna, a tourist from Wisconsin. "I think that's a terrible idea.''

I didn't say it was going to happen, just that it would be nice.

There is a petition on the official White House website requesting that the Monday after the Super Bowl be made a national holiday, a certified football decompression, gastrointestinal healing, hangover recovery day.

But even as it gains signatures, the proposal is lacking universal support.

"I think it's nonsense,'' said Lee Goss, of Lexington, Ky. "I don't understand.''

"People have responsibilities,'' added Yanna. "They need to get to work the next day.''

But others can see positives in the proposal.

"If I was still drinking, I would think it's great,'' said Dave, Sucher, of Ann Arbor, Mi. "I agree 100 percent.''

"We could always use more holidays,'' added Taylor Oates, of Savannah. "Everybody likes days off.''

The thinking is, most people treat the day after the Super Bowl as a day off anyway.

Studies show productivity is down that day, 1.5 million people call in sick, 4.5 million are late for work, and those who do show up spend time talking about the game or the commercials.

So why not reward such football-fueled slackness with the opportunity for more?

"Sounds like a great plan,'' said Herb Meyer, of Wisconsin. "But I don't think it will work.''

But like any hopeless super bowl underdog, we can always dream.

"I mean, duh,'' said Karen Sucher, Dave's wife. "That's a slam dunk.''

Wrong sport, right idea.

Besides, that's what they said about the Colts over the Jets in Super Bowl III.

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