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Savannah reacts to Super Bowl

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It was a night for the birds, the Ravens that is, not the Falcons like a lot of Southern football fans would've preferred.

But with the Falcons out of the picture, local football fans had to find someone to pull for, and it was a pretty even split between the Ravens and the 49ers.

"I don't like the Ravens," Michael Robers said when WTOC caught up with him at the B&D Burgers Super Bowl watch party. "But I've got to go for somebody, so it's gotta be the 49ers."

When picking a team to pull for, a favorite player can matter as much as the team's town.

"I love Ray Lewis anyway, and he's retiring this year. He's going out with a bang," Terry Robbins said as he sipped a beer at B&D.

For some folks, the star of the game wasn't running down the field; she was dancing on it.

"I was in love," SCAD student Emily Spencer said as she stood outside of the Congress Street Wild Wing Cafe. "I have a girl crush on Beyonce; I admit it."

So maybe no Georgia or South Carolina team made it to the Superdome this year, but one Savannah resident had his big moment at the big game, if only for a split second. A Pepsi commercial counting down to Beyonce's performance featured Kareem McMichael's face. McMichael was pretty excited about his 15 milliseconds of fame.

"Hey, millions of people have seen my face for like 2 seconds," McMichael said. "And it'll be on YouTube forever."

Wild Wings' bartender Nate Fields wasn't thinking about forever. He was just trying to make it through the night.

"I'll have to put up with the unruly Baltimore fans the rest of the night, but they're ok though," he said.

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