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Editorial - 2/4/13

All American citizens, even when charged with despicable crimes, are due a fair trial.  Morality, and basic decency dictate, however, that crime-victims, and/or next of kin, are also due fairness by virtue of court-trial, and judgment rendered, within a reasonable time. But in one case, over three-years after a premeditated killing-spree, with the suspect arrested on-site, still no trial, just delaying-motions, ignoring the loss, pain, and unsettled-emotions of those left behind.  Referring, of course, to the American accused of mass-murder, who traded the honor of being an Army officer for the dishonor of becoming a radical, Islamic, terrorist-traitor.  Unbelievably, this deviant is, still trial-less, and still alive, after he, in the name of his faith's radical element, ended the lives of thirteen fellow citizens, Army and civilian alike, while wounding many others, in a one-man gunfire-barrage, on November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood.   

In a ridiculous turn of events, defendant, Nidal Hasan, has now agreed to plead guilty to 13-counts of pre-meditated murder, but only if the court drops the possible death sentence.  This American traitor, clearly identified as the killer, the perpetrator of the worst rampage of murder at a U.S. military facility, now wants to make a deal for life-without-parole, knowing he's unlikely to dodge death by jury, given multiple witnesses.  Tax-payers should not be forced to keep paying this guy's room and board from now until decomposition. We strongly urge the military-judge in this case to reject his posturing, and take him to trial.  For his multiple-murders, the traitor Hasan should be convicted, and sentenced to death, consistent with his barbarian-act, then drop-shipped below to enjoy the eternal blaze and comfort of Cro-Magnon-ladies provided by the devil's deal for his deeds.   

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