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Let's make a deal: Navigating through yard sales

Susie and Ron Giles Susie and Ron Giles

The saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure," but navigating through the world of yard sales, garage sales and everything in between can be tricky.

Sarah Worley says a good eye is crucial to finding those hidden gems at yard sales.

"You know something when you see it. When you pull up, you normally know the pieces that you want to go focus on," she said.

Worley's no stranger to these sales, and recently teamed up with a few other families to host one of her own. As a seller, she encourages buyers to realize the art of compromise.

"We really want to get rid of things we have so we can make room for things we need in the future, so there really isn't a price that we're not willing to work with."

Also, don't forget retail prices.

"I like to keep in mind how much something might go for in the store, first off, and that kind of gives me an idea in my head of a fair price is and normally people will work with you," Worley said.

Karlee Fletcher is one of those early risers looking for bargains at Sarah Worley's yard sale. Fletcher is somewhat of a garage sale rookie. She only shops at them when her husband's deployed, and usually goes in with a pretty open mind.

"I like to try to find something fairly reasonable, because like I said,  I like to re-do things and make it my own," Fletcher said.

Even though she's not a regular at the neighborhood sales, she knows how to get what she wants.

"It's all about the wheel and deal, I guess."

Susie Giles knows all about the wheeling and dealing. She also knows how to come to the sales prepared.

"You go online, you can go to eBay, you can search for sold, completed items and you can see how much they sold for," Giles said.

Giles and her husband Ron average about 10 yard sales every Saturday. They've been selling their finds on eBay since 1995. Their hobby takes a lot of work, but they say the work pays off in a big way. Susie and Ron purchased two sets of prints from the 1920's at a sale for $5. They ended up selling them on eBay for $3,500.

Susie encourages buyers to make their purchases in bulk, instead of buying just one single piece from a sale.

Her husband Ron is just as involved in the process as she is. He prints out maps every weekend to create a route using www.gsalr.com, and he says he has no problem being one of the few men at the sales.

"Sometimes I am the only one," he said. "It's neat. It's something the wife and I do together and then we take and sell treasures online."

Treasures that Susie and Ron say you too can find, with a little patience, research and some luck.

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