STATEMENT: Georgia Lottery on game security

STATEMENT: Georgia Lottery on game security

The Georgia Lottery is very serious about the security and integrity of its games. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our games are fair and that each ticket has an equal chance of winning a prize. We have no control over which numbers will be selected. We do not know when certain numbers will be drawn or where winning tickets will come from. All of our drawings are random.

All of the drawings conducted by the Georgia Lottery are done under the utmost security. The drawing machines and ballsets for each drawing are selected randomly and certified by outside auditors, Nichols, Stopp & VanHoy, LLC, to ensure that balls and equipment allow each number an equal chance of being drawn. Each ballset and machine used is placed through a series of pre-drawing tests to ensure the absolute randomness of the results. In addition to these measures, the entire process is videotaped to further ensure the integrity of the drawing.

Game symbols and prize amounts in our instant games are distributed randomly during the printing process, and tickets are distributed randomly to over 8,000 retailers throughout Georgia. All instant games are audited by an independent CPA firm prior to the release of a game to confirm that the appropriate number of prizes is included in the printing process of a game.

Tandi Reddick

Communications Director

Georgia Lottery Corp.