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Valdosta historic homes selling for $10


Nearly a dozen historic homes in Valdosta are on the market for $10. If no one buys and moves them, they'll be wiped out to make room for a shopping and student housing plaza across the street from Valdosta State University.

This old section of Valdosta is an important part of city's rich history, but a few blocks of the historic district may no longer exist. McAlister Development plans to build a 4-story plaza in its place.

"When McAlister came to us and they requested demolition we almost immediately said 'no.' We can find an alternative and the alternative usually is relocation," said Dr. Richard Saegar, Historic Preservation Commission, Vice Chair.

These 11 homes are on the market for only $10. But if you buy one you have to find somewhere to relocate it.

"I would love to see someone purchase one of these homes for $10," said Saegar.  

The Historic Preservation Commission desperately wants to save five of the homes that have major historical value dating back to the 1920's and 30's.

The commission is not only concerned about these homes being demolished but also the trees on this property. Some of the pine trees are about 100 years old.

But if no one makes a purchase in the next month, this multi-million dollar plaza could have a new home. As soon as McAlister gets financing in order, demolition could begin March 15th. And some VSU students say they don't want to see the homes go.

"I feel like its inconsiderate to the history of our community. These are a large part of our culture and what makes Valdosta, Valdosta," said student, Andrew Joiner.

"VSU one of the major things is that we've been here for so long and the history behind it is something that its built on and people know us for that," said student, Brittany Garcia.

The plaza is planned to be built across the street from the Fine Arts building.

If you are interested in purchasing one of those homes contact: 

McAlister Development Company at or (843) 388-1750.

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