Anonymous Card Polls Voters on Primary Problems

Voters in Chatham County got this card.
Voters in Chatham County got this card.

Some voters in Chatham County's First District are being surveyed about troubles in the polls. But the question tonight is, 'Who's asking?' They're getting green cards in the mail asking about their experiences on election day, but the card is not from the board of elections.

The postcard was mailed to homes in District One. It asks questions about whether you were confused about what district you voted in, if you saw WTOC's noontime election coverage, if poll workers argued with you about what district you were voting in, or if you gave up and went home instead of voting.

"I would think it was from the registration board or something, asking questions about if there was a problem from the ballot," said Whitemarsh Island resident Gene Phillips.

Phillips says the one question it doesn't answer is who it's from. "I think they should say who sent it out because it is very confusing to the voters," he said.

Fellow resident Destiny Moses wasn't sure what to make of it when one of the postcards turned up in her mailbox. "I would think it would be from the district wondering how confusing things were or if there was anything they could do to improve who voted in the district," she said.

We discovered both numbers on the bottom of the card belonged to Chatham County commissioner Jeff Rayno, who told us just last week, he's contesting the July 20 primaries after narrowly losing the Republican nomination to challenger Helen Stone.

That's not sitting well with some. "If whoever authored it doesn't put his name on it, I'm not going to waste time reading it, it's just junk mail," said resident Carol Goodwin.

"I think it's very improper," added Teresa Davis. "I don't think it's something someone should be sending out."

The question is whether it will make a difference for the candidate it seems to be intended to help.

Rayno did not return our phone calls. WTOC has learned that an attorney for Rayno filed the necessary paperwork to contest the election this afternoon. If the court rules in his favor for a special election, it could be held in September. The board of elections says that could cost about $3,000.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,