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U.S. Attorney General promises to help with Savannah crime

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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder met with Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Chief Willie Lovett, and Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap in Savannah on Wednesday.

He says they spoke about how the Federal Government can help make Savannah safer.

"I've had a chance to listen and to make some offers of assistance. I'm confident working together we can make Savannah the place we want it to be," Holder said.

Holder talked about gun control with members of the press after the closed door meeting with city leaders.

He says new laws proposed by the Obama administration will keep firearms out of the hands of bad guys without violating the second amendment.

"They will have a dramatic impact not only in Savannah, but in places around the country," Holder said.

He also touched on recidivism and how he'll keep repeat offenders from coming back to Savannah.

"We can take someone who is a problem here in Savannah and put them in a Federal prison far away from this city. We will do that if necessary," Holder said.

Mayor Jackson says she was satisfied with the visit, especially a discussion with the Attorney General about federal grants that could help put more officers on the street.

"After we told him about the crime issues in our city, he committed to working with us and bring more funding into our community," Jackson said.

Chief Lovett also said he was impressed with the visit.

"He didn't have to come here. He came here because he wanted to and usually to me that is an indication he wants to help," Lovett said.

Mayor Jackson says she plans to meet with the Attorney General again at a convention in March.

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