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InSITE--Click Your Way to TV History

The Internet is an amazing place. You can keep up with current events, learn history, or just goof off. This one is just for fun. Amazing proof that you can find just about anything on the 'Web. If you love the good, or bad, old days of television, check out Cooter's Place. I found this by accident, I'll explain in a minute, but take a quick tour. I'm sure some of you are jumping up and down by now, ready to buy a computer if Cooter has a place on the Internet, by golly, you should get on line. But others are asking, "who's Cooter?"

Here's your answer. Cooter is the ace mechanic in Hazard County, as in the old TV show, "The Dukes of hazard." Cooter, actually actor Ben Jones, set up shop, literally, in Gatlinburg. Cooter has a museum of Dukes of Hazard memorabilia, mostly photos of stuff lining the walls of the museum, look up in the left hand corner, the photo of the photo of lines of General Lee stunt cars just waiting for another chase through Hazard. Note the lunchbox and thermos on the shelf as well.

Cooter has a general store, of course, with the brand new DVD of the series so you won't miss a single Bo and Luke Duke moment. And Cooter's album, where you can play those Hazard hits to your hearts content. There are pages of pictures of visitors to Cooter's place.

Here's how I found Cooter's Place. Pack your bags, this weekend they're hosting "Dukes Fest" a weekend celebration of all things Dukes at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. Expect a huge gathering of General Lee fans. I had no idea the car had it's own fan club, but it does, and quite a web site with lots of General Lee's. Check the long list of events, stunt shows, drag races, and yes, the Daisy Duke will be on hand.

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