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Sexting on the rise


A new survey from says about half of Americans send sex-related texts, and one relationship expert says it's the reason for a rise in divorce and infidelity.

"It's something that you can't take back, once those pictures are out there, there out there and you don't know where they're going. Just because you send them to someone does not mean that person won't use them in a malicious way," Psychotherapist Michelle Aycock said.

Aycock believes sexting, apps and social media can be blamed for many of the marital problems she sees in her office far too often.

"Unfortunately in my practice, over the last couple of years, due to social media, Facebook especially I've seen the divorce rate, the infidelIty rate skyrocket," she said.

According to's 3rd Annual Singles in America Study, 57% of single men and 45% of single women have received a sext, or sexually explicit text. Even more, 42% of those men say they've shared that sext with three or more people. Aycock said this applies to people in committed relationships as well.

Another interesting statistic from the study claims 48% of single women look someone up on Facebook before a first date, but only 38% of men do. The study says almost half of single men think doing this is unacceptable. Aycock has her own theory as to why this is the case.

"They're either married, in a relationship and talking with several other females and that's why I think the men may not approve. But women, of course we want to  do our homework because we want to know if that is happening."

Aycock believes social media can be a blessing and a curse in today's dating world, but she urges anyone using dating apps to think hard before they click send.

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