School Board Speaks on Low Country Principal

The Beaufort County School Board upheld its decision not to renew St. Helena Elementary's principal, Dr. Laverne Davis' contract as recommended by Superintendent Herman Gaither.

"It's a complete list of inadequacies, violations of laws, violations of school policies," said board member Florence Rosse.

The board says Davis used a substitute teacher instead of hiring a full-time certified teacher, refused to provide students with a number of programs, didn't allow her faculty to participate in district-wide training, and repeatedly violated policies.

Dr. Davis and her supporters disagree. They say under her leadership, the students increased their test scores, she added a number of new programs, and increased the number of teachers pursuing higher education degrees. "We never ever shortchanged our students, ever," Davis told us.

"Our school went from worst to first," said supporter Sandra Redwood.

Dr. Davis waived her right to a public hearing after signing an agreement with the superintendent to reinstate her contract. "We actually entered into an agreement with our attorneys and so the matter was resolved. There was no need for a hearing. It was resolved and I was supposed to have my contract."

Davis is now considering legal action for breach of contract. We'll keep you posted as this story develops.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,