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Area crews in contact with Northeast crews preparing for blizzard


Just five months after Hurricane Sandy, folks in the Northeast are dealing with what could be the worst blizzard in history. 

The Red Cross from both the Coastal Empire and the Lowcountry say they still have crews up in the area helping with the aftermath of Sandy. As of right now, the plan is to utilize those crews if they're needed. 

Officials from Georgia Power and South Carolina Electric and Gas Company say they're in communication with utility companies in all of the northeast states. They said there is no need for them to send extra help up there right now, but that could change as the storm starts to pick up. 

Bob McGee, a representative for Con Edison, an electric company in New York, said they're very prepared for what this blizzard could bring. 

They've brought in extra crews, some who were still there helping from Sandy. They've already started placing them in different locations throughout the state, preparing them for the busy day ahead of them tomorrow. 

"By late in the day, certainly the intensity of the storm will start to pick up. As the wind brings down tree limbs and knocks out overhead service,  things will be rough," McGee said. "By tomorrow, we're expecting to have enough impact on the system and it will be significant enough that we'll have a major event on our hands. But like I said, we're prepared." 

Residents are prepared too, however they don't want to lose power again.

"That's probably they're biggest worry," Ruth Destefano, a volunteer with the Lowcountry Red Cross said. "They can't take another moment being without electricity again, especially if they've just gotten back on."

Con Edison said they can't promise that power won't go out, but they're going to do everything within their means to get it restored quickly. 

The snow is expected to start sticking sometime Friday night. New York is expecting high winds and 15 to 18 inches of snow. 

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