Lost Dog Returned to Hinesville Couple from Oklahoma

What started as a family vacation turned into a nightmare after a Third ID couple lost their beloved pet. Now, after a month apart, Ann Marie and Brian Wallace finally have their puppy home. "He looks awesome!" said Ann Marie. "He is so much bigger than he was."

The Wallaces hadn't seen Harley since he ran away or was stolen while they were on vacation in North Carolina. They would probably have never seen Harley again if it wasn't for his dog tag and the website on it. It's called www.getmehome.com.

"I had never heard about it until I got a puppy kit from the vet," said Ann Marie. "We didn't think we'd have to use it."

It helped a North Carolina family find him, but Harley's adventures were far from over. "They had contacted us and by the time we received their message, they had given the dog to the wrong people," said Ann Marie.

That happened twice. Harley ended up in Oklahoma, at the home of a woman who called Ann Marie, "saying she found Harley on her doorstep and what did we want to do with him?"

Within a week, Harley was on a plane to Savannah, thanks to the kindness of that lady and an Oklahoma travel agency, that heard Ann Marie's husband was soldier, and offered to pay Harley's way.

"It makes me feel wonderful," said Brian. "It really does. When you're out there doing that, that there are actually people appreciating what you're doing."

As for Harley, the only trip he's making now is one home to Hinesville with his family. The Wallaces are very thankful to everyone for their help. They're also going to keep Harley on a short leash from now on.

Reported by: Liz Flynn, lflynn@wtoc.com