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Editorial - 2/11/13

Following the horrible murder of young school children, and adults in Connecticut, by an unbalanced-shooter, "never letting a crisis go to waste," the D.C. types rushed into the few remaining phone booths, emerged in  capes and spandex, then flew off to save the day, proclaiming that America's Metropolis could surely eliminate death-by-gun, simply by bludgeoning the 2nd Amendment, hoping to eliminate, at least in part, the two-century, citizen-right to own guns. No problem ignoring Amendment #2. Activist groups and courts have long stifled the right of the First to open religious observance, but only, of course, if you're Jewish or Christian, with efforts to squelch contrary-speech still on their to-do list. And a Chief Justice who saw no conflict between Constitutional protections and a health mandate.  Remembering, of course, that our Constitution is, after all, really, really old, just as the party-in-power's abuse of it is getting to be!   

So let's cut through the B.S.  Gun control doesn't work.  Chicago, even Connecticut, both, now, sad proof.  It leaves good people vulnerable, while the criminals have guns, and a green-light to take lives and income redistribution into their own hands.  Talk of gun control is pure politics to calm the masses.  The real, but complicated, solution is a major-upgrade of our mental health screening, treatment, and confinement options, as inevitably, mental-instability resides at the core of mass-shootings.  Politically, it's always easier to treat with a band-aid, when surgery is the cure.  Do understand, this really isn't about guns.  It's about control.  From devouring the private sector to tax-robbing our achievers; from totally-federalizing medical care to ignoring the Constitution, the freedom-stealing agenda of the Big-Foot-Feds continues to crush individual responsibility, incentive and choice.  

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