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Let's make a deal: Finding hidden treasures at auctions

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If yard sales and garage sales aren't your cup of tea, you might consider visiting an auction house to find a variety of items for your home at a fraction of the retail price.

Lisa and Craig Acros own Bull Street Auctions in Savannah. For the past eight years, they've spent two Saturdays a month hosting huge sales featuring everything from mink coats to crystal punch bowls.

"We get merchandise from all over the place. We handle estates, people downsizing and people getting rid of things," she said.

Acros told WTOC most of her items sell for about a quarter or a third of what customers can expect to pay in a retail store.

Denise Fisher has been to several auctions. She usually comes with friends, and truly believes the merchandise is better than anything you'll find in a store.

"You can get great good quality pieces for good prices," she said.

Even though every auction varies, shoppers can usually count on a few guarantees. Some of those items include dining room tables, chairs, china, crystal, lamps, rugs, and artwork.

Fisher also found a few pieces that went great with what she already owns.

"I had a dining room set that belonged to my grandparents. It was very old and antique, but the table and chairs were not in good shape, and I got a new set almost identical to what I had for much less."

Fisher's friend, Kira Glaser, goes to auctions because she doesn't want to sacrifice quality for price.

"I'm getting married and buying a house so I need to be able to fill it with beautiful things since I'm on a budget."

Glaser says the bidding process can be competitive, but no matter what, both her and Fisher stress the importance of knowing your limits.

"You have to kind of know what you're willing to spend, and how much money, because other people are here too," Fisher said.

The good news? Those limits will not break your bank.

"There's times where you pick up an antique lamp for $10," Glaser said.

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