Medical Record Difficulties

If you go to a doctor, you want them to know your medical history. That includes your records from other doctors. But some parents in the Coastal Empire have had trouble getting their children treated or in school because they can't get those records. Parents say with little notice, their doctor closed up shop, and without records they must start from scratch.

On the first day of school, four-year-old Hannah Berry is less than excited. When her mother brought her to Glennville Elementary this morning, she says her arms were still swollen from vaccinations she's now had twice. "For her father and me, it's upsetting watching her go through all this unnecessarily because if we had the records she wouldn't have to go through it," said Tara Berry.

They and other parents say they can't get their children's medical records from Dr. William Morrissey. They claim they've been trying since he closed his Hinesville practice in March.

For years, Carol Jarrett swore by the pediatrician. Now she'd like the chance to swear at him. "I'm not trying to hurt him as a person," she told us. "He was a good doctor and this just isn't his character."

The attempt to get records is especially trying for parents of special needs children or some who've undergone surgery this summer. "My new doctor is treating Dakota blindly," said mother Crystal Stanfield. "He only has what I've told him is wrong with him. He really needs to see that stuff for himself."

For little Hannah, it's not over yet. "Every four weeks, we'll have to go in for more shots until she catches up, which I'm not sure how many that is," her mother told us.

Parents say they just want what they feel is theirs already. The parents we spoke with say they've tried directly and through their new doctors to get records, all with no luck. We've tried since Friday afternoon to get Dr. Morrissey through his new employer and had no luck as well.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,