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Editorial Salute - 2/14/13

Another Medal of Honor has been earned by one of America's bravest. Thankfully, one who survived the rigors and horrors of combat.  Earlier this week, former Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha was presented the nation's highest award for his extraordinary courage. 

Staff Sergeant Romesha was cited for his heroics, on October 3, 2009, in a defensive-battle to maintain control of an Army outpost in Eastern Afghanistan.  Fifty-three of our soldiers faced over 300 Taliban insurgents, the latter advantaged by their ability to attack from higher ground.  Sergeant Romesha, disregarding his own injury, led his fellow warriors to protect downed colleagues from being dragged-off as trophies by the Taliban, exposing himself, repeatedly, to enemy fire, while providing invaluable leadership and bravery in the fight to regain control of their encampment, even after the perimeter had been breached.  Though badly out-numbered, our soldiers were ultimately victorious, but at the cost of eight of their brethren killed and many more wounded. 

Romesha's heroics are detailed in a recent book by television-reporter Jake Tapper, titled "Outpost."  Our congratulations, and the nation's thanks, for the combat courage of Army Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha in an hours-long firefight, during which none of our soldiers thought they'd survive.  And our unending thanks, as well, to all of our service members who so proudly put on the uniform of our nation, to fight and sacrifice for America's freedom.

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