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Tim's Take: Garden City flags


There's always been a patriotic streak running through Garden City. It's just easier to see these days. And easier to have it seen.

The Garden City Lions Club is putting out flags this weekend. They're doing it for Presidents' Day the way they do at homes throughout the community for each of nine national holidays during the year.

"For $50,'' says John Dixon, of the Garden City Lions Club, "we'll put the sleeve in the ground, we put the flag pole up, flag on it, everything.

"It's a lot of work having to get the teams set up to put the flags out,'' added club president Scott George. "Also setting the schedules, then picking them back up and storing them, it's a lot of work. But it's worth it.''

The Fly the Flag Program helps raise money to provide eye glasses for people in Garden City who need them, a mission of lions clubs worldwide, and it lines streets like Azalea Avenue with a visible red-white-and-blue spirit.

"It's amazing how people just drive by and say, how do we get to be part of this flag program?,'' said Dixon. "Sometimes we leave it up for a week, but that covers several holidays.''

They're not only promoting a sense of country, but of community, helping their neighbors and their neighborhood come together in an expression they all share benefit from.

"That has just kind of help knit us together,'' said George. "It's unified, the way we locate the poles and the flags and it's something that happens all at one time. You left to go to work that morning and you come back and got all these beautiful flags flying in the neighborhood.''

"We buy them in lots of 50,'' added Dixon. "We finished up our second 50 and we're fixing to buy our third 50.''

And as those numbers grow, so does the sense of pride flying over Garden City.

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