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Thieves ruin Valentine's Day for close to 50 couples in Savannah

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Valentine's Day was ruined for more than 40 couples Thursday, thanks to a pair of thieves.

A Savannah florist hired a delivery man who worked for her before. Valentine's Day is Pink House Florist's, and many other florist's, busiest day of the year. The delivery man and a friend left with 48 orders and never came back.

The crime cost Pink House Florist on Waters Avenue close to $10,000 and was reported to police. Co-owner Debbie Nease says she knows the driver and believes he had an accomplice with him. While employees were extra busy in the morning preparing deliveries and last minute orders, Nease says they didn't realize until late morning the driver in question left with about 20 orders more than the average delivery truck.

With him missing, along with the 48 orders including flower arrangements, vases, stuffed animals, balloons and more, they worked through the night to make things right with upset customers and get the orders replaced.

Nease told WTOC the driver was always slow on calling back from his previous employment at the florist. This time, he never called back. 

"We checked the jail. We checked the hospital. We checked everywhere but the morgue," Nease told WTOC. "I think some of my customers would like to see him there."

When they realized he wasn't coming back, and the business had been robbed, Nease says the next step was defending the boyfriends and husbands who would take the blame at home.

"A lot of girls thought they didn't get anything and we called them and explained everything for them," she said.

The Pink House Florist employees got a few dozen boyfriends and husbands out of the instant dog house. They are hoping police catch the driver, who has still not been found. Nease says she's confident police will find him and his partner in crime.

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