Editorial - 2/18/13

Last week's State of the Union address, was a Santa wish-list for left-lovers,  requiring more regulation, more spending, all side-stepping the reality  needed to fundamentally-repair our fractured nation.  Pre-school education.  Perhaps useful for some, but more expense, and still more government parenting.   Raising the minimum wage to 9-dollars an hour.  More expense, for an unskilled starter-wage, never meant to sustain a family.  A hike that's  a proven-route to employee lay-offs and reduced hours. And, then, again, climate change.  An issue that, realistically, can only be impacted by  regulating the Sun-that-shines, and God Almighty.

The repetitive drum-beat throughout, was blaming our problems on the "privileged few," which, ironically, is the leftist-elite.  Among other targeted  comments (quote): "We do not believe, that in this country, freedom is reserved for the lucky."  Lucky, as in, "you didn't build that."  Lucky as in acquiring top-income unfairly and without effort, rather than the actual pathway to success, open to all, requiring marketable skills, hard-work, innovation, relocation, and risk; progressing, on merit, to performance-based achievement. To claim otherwise is just political-pabulum for those who prefer the spin-ride of Fed-fantasy. Calling success "lucky" is pure-fiction, and an incredible insult to those who achieve, and create jobs. We can boost our economy with truth, common-sense, reduced regulation and taxes. And when fawning Big Media stops acting like life's a non-stop bridal-shower, and gets back to actual journalism.  Most of all, we need a federal government that stops excessive feel-good spending and regulating, and stops the all-controlling, freedom-destroying fixation on Executive Branch power.