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Two generations of leadership at Candler

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Glen and Bill Scarbrough Glen and Bill Scarbrough

Dr. Glen Scarbrough doesn't make his rounds alone. In fact, the Savannah gynecologist has never been alone in pursuit or practice of medicine.

"Dad was certainly my inspiration for a lot of things,'' Dr. Scarbrough says of his father, Dr. Bill Scarbrough. "He's been a real example to me in my family life as well as professionally.''

Once following his father into medicine, Dr. Glen Scarbrough has now followed his father into the lead chair at Candler Hospital, becoming chief of staff in January and occupying the same office Dr. Bill Scarbrough worked out of 15 years ago.

"It's amazing to me how quickly it developed,'' senior Dr. Scarbrough said of his son's medical career. "He started practicing in 2000 and now he's chief of staff, probably the youngest chief of staff they've ever had here.''

Through Candler's 209-year history, the Scarbroughs are only the second father and son who have both risen to chief of staff there.

Their respective two-year terms will leave an imprint on the nation's second-oldest continuously operating hospital and someday might even match the personal impact that the six years they practiced together had on their careers and lives.

"It was something just unexplainable, the feeling you get in the operating room, operating with your son and seeing that he knows more than you do,'' said Dr. Bill Scarbrough. "It was like four hands and one mind. It was a joy to work with him because he's an excellent surgeon.''

"We had a great six years,'' added Bill Scarbrough."It was just a lot of fun. My dad has a personality that's easy to get along with. He has often commented that I taught him more than he taught me in the operating room. But we would probably have to differ on that.''

But there is no denying that the Scarbroughs have and always will share more than a name, an office or a title.

"I see people in town almost daily, who say, oh, I got to your son," said Dr. Bill Scarbrough. "And I say, well, you're getting good care."

"I take great pride in my dad, more for his reputation amongst people,'' added Dr. Bill Scarbrough. "The people who come to see me as patients, they're quick to ask me how's your father doing? He certainly set the standard high and I've got a few more years before I can look back and hope I say I achieve it."

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