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Calvary's greatest fans

Betty and Arthur Thaggard Betty and Arthur Thaggard

If you have ever been to a basketball game at Calvary Day School you probably noticed these two youngsters, Betty and Arthur Thaggard, sitting at the end of the court cheering for their beloved Cavaliers.

They are thriving well into their 80's and have been married for 52 years. Going to athletic events is one of their great pleasures. "And when you sit home all day long as we do at our age, we love to get out," said 87-year-old Betty Thaggard.  "I have to go where she goes and I enjoy coming to all the ballgames," says 85-year-old Arthur Thaggard. "We really enjoy it and I played way years ago.  But, it's all together different now."  Betty chided him by saying, "He says they don't play it right now."

Betty taught kindergarten at Calvary for 19 years and their daughter Donna is currently teaching second grade at Calvary.  The three of them can be seen at most Calvary home games.  "I was going to say, you know what, I'm a Christian and I love the Lord and I try to serve him but he wants us to have some recreation, too, and basketball is the one we've chosen because we love it," said Betty.

They have become such a fixture at the games that the players and coaches draw encouragement from them.  "Before we go into the huddle before a game, I always give them a handshake and they tell me good luck," said the Lady Cavaliers' shooting guard Alexus Parker.  "After the game, I go over and hug them and they tell me how good I did, what I did bad.  It's just a pleasure for them to be at the games and for them to just show up."

Coach Jackie Hamilton has been at Calvary for the last 20 years and says, "They're always going to be over there, sitting in the corner over there with their hat and Calvary stuff on and it's just great to see them because they're always positive and they're great people and we are just very fortunate to have them as part of our program."

In her younger days, Betty served as a missionary in Thailand and tells the story of when she was getting ready to return home.  The people she was ministering to gathered around her.  "And they said, we're going to pray for you that when you get home God will have a husband for you sure enough I was home one week when I met Arthur," said Betty as Arthur covered his ears.  "A cousin invited me over for supper and who was there but her," said Arthur.  Betty ended the story by saying with a smile and a girlish giggle, "And I always said I couldn't turn him down because he was the answer to a prayer."

You can bet that when Calvary plays in the GHSA state tournament, the Thaggards will be there cheering for their beloved Cavaliers.

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