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Sun City man honored for saving golfer's life

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It was at a golf course in Sun City where Bob Kart's training in CPR and quick thinking helped save one man's life last year. He was honored by the Bluffton Township Fire District on Tuesday for being a hero.

The golfer, Larry Sebuck, was out with four of his golfing buddies when he hit his ball in front of Kart's back yard. Sebuck colasped when he went to get it.

"I felt nothing, nothing. It was like I went into a deep sleep," Sebuck said.

Kart was walking across his living room when he noticed Sebuck laying on his side. He immediately ran out to him.

"Once I got out there, I kind of yelled at him and he didn't move. So then I rolled him over, " Kart said. "That's when I knew."

Kart said Sebuck was completely unresponsive, so he instanly started CPR, and didn't stop for 10 straight minutes. The fire department said that's difficult, even for some firefighters to do.

"Anytime we train someone on CPR, one of the things we can't teach you is the stress level of doing it, or how long you actually have to do it," said Randy Hunter, Bluffton Township Fire District captain.

Sebuck spent nearly seven months in the hospital. He said he colasped because three of his major arteries were 100 percent blocked. But, the incident was blessing, he said, because he gained a new friend in Kart.

"Yea, we're best buddies now," said Sebuck.

Sebuck also has every intention of golfing again.

"I'll be out there," he said.

The fire department said CPR survial rate has gone up within the past 10 years due to improved training courses.

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