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Sequestration deadline nears

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The sequestration deadline is looming.

If the President and Congress cannot reach an agreement within the next eight days, by March 1, significant cuts to all discretionary government programs will automatically be triggered in what is being referred to as a sequestration of the united states budget.

Most people probably know these budget cuts are possible, might even be aware of the deadline, but they might not have given it a lot of thought, because even the term "sequestration" sounds political, as if  this is a Washington D.C. issue. And to some degree, it is.

But these cuts could have an impact that is very personal, very individual and would affect us all. They would be reductions in spending on everything from education to police and fire services to transportation to Medicare and veterans health care. Some service or services that touch the lives of every American would be cut.

"Whether we're talking about a family that is depending on some type of funding  for a child with special needs, such as autism, or we're talking about the amount of money put into funding school lunch programs or the amount of money we're spending on community policing, these are all government services we depend on a day-to-day basis,'' said Dr. Wessel, Armstrong Atlantic State University professor. "It's sometimes compared to cutting the budget using a hatchet, whereas surgical instruments might be a better way to go.''

As if these cuts wouldn't be bad enough, it is possible a secondary impact could be a lowering of consumer confidence and a blow to the United States' reputation worldwide, which could have a negative effect on the global economy.

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