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Editorial Salute - 2/21/13

Savannah and Hunter Army Airfield are proud to be home to the Army's 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, the "Night Stalkers," courageous and highly-skilled helicopter air-crews, whose principal mission is to insert, and extract, multi-branch special operations teams, tasked with handling very specific objectives.  As the name indicates, the Night Stalkers perform most of their high-security missions under cover of darkness, which when adding in mountain and other terrain obstacles, makes what they do all the more challenging and dangerous.

In response to their outstanding performance, this week, several members of Savannah's Night Stalkers are being presented with medals for their achievements and heroism in combat.  Seven Silver Stars and 6 Distinguished Flying Crosses will go to crew members involved in a daring, life-saving rescue, under fire, of a downed special-operator who, otherwise, would've died from his wounds.  Seven Air Medals and a Purple Heart are also being awarded for other Night Stalker missions. 

As mentioned, what Night Stalkers do is extremely dangerous, meaning all who deploy, as the Unit has done repeatedly since 2001, do not return.  As a lasting tribute to their fallen, a permanent memorial will be constructed here, at the 3/160th headquarters on Hunter.  The project, and the fundraising, to be handled by the newly-formed, non-profit Night Stalker Hero Memorial of Savannah Foundation.  (X) Please go to their website: savannah-hero-soar.org for more information on this remembrance memorial and how you can contribute.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation, so that we never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by brave Night Stalkers for the preservation of our freedom.


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