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SCMPD files sent to FBI for audit

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Police Chief Willie Lovett Police Chief Willie Lovett

The FBI audit may already be under way into Savannah-Chatham Metro Police complaints and allegations of falsified records that were already cleared of wrong doing by its internal affairs department.

The records and files have been sent to the FBI for the audit.

SCMPD's Police Chief Willie Lovett said the whole situation left a bad taste in his mouth and the morale of his officers has been stung by the allegations. He said that he problem is the damage has been done.

Lovett spoke about public criticism and allegations from council members - a former officer and residents - 14 complaints in all, which he reviewed passed on to the city manager who turned over to internal affairs.

SCMPD's internal affairs division found no wrong doing. But Mayor Edna Jackson said City Manager Stephanie Cutter wasn't the only one who wanted to make sure the public was confident in the internal affairs report of no wrongdoing. So along with the chief, they agreed the FBI should be called in.

"We want the residents to know we are trying to do everything within our power to we get to the truth in whatever we are doing I appreciate what has been happening and the steps that have been taken," Jackson said.

"The problem I have with this whole thing is there is no evidence. There has not been one shred of evidence any of this ever took place and nobody has said anything about it. But I am willing to wait. The FBI will reveal their findings, and we are willing to wait," Lovett said.

The city said the FBI audit is expected to be performed expeditiously. The findings could be back in their hands pretty quickly.

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