Neighbors React to Double Murder Arrest

A neighbor shows us the scene of the arrests.
A neighbor shows us the scene of the arrests.

Two teenage girls are in custody, charged with murder. They were arrested after police say they stabbed one of the girls' grandparents outside of Atlanta. They then apparently fled to Tybee Island, where investigators tracked them down.

Police say they found out Monday night where the girls were headed, and made their move early yesterday afternoon. Right around 2pm, resident Christopher Schell looked out his window and saw something pretty unusual for Tybee Island: police in SWAT gear converging on his neighbor's house.

"Then they all sort of scattered in different directions going around through and under this house here and up the staircase on the side," he said, showing us the scene of the action.

Inside, police found 15-year-old Holly Harvey and 16-year-old Sandra Ketchum, who'd met a couple of boys the night before and stayed at their place. Investigators say the girls had stabbed Harvey's grandparents Carl and Sarah Collier in their Atlanta area home, at least 15 times each.

"The grandparents entered the bedroom to confront the granddaughter about drug use, and one of the perpetrators, Sandra, was lying in wait for them without their knowledge," said Lt. Col. Bruce Jordan with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office.

According to Jordan, the girls stole the Colliers' pickup truck, and fled to Tybee, but an informant tipped off investigators about where they could find Harvey and Ketchum.

"To literally see it go down from when these guys tiptoe upstairs with the battering rams until they brought the two girls down in two separate police cars and take them was like a scene form Cops or something," said neighbor Schell.

"Holly was less than cooperative and did attempt to escape from her handcuffs," Jordan told us.

We actually talked to one of the boys who let the girls stay at their house that night. He declined an on-camera interview, but said they'd only met last night, and he had no idea what kind of situation the girls were in. He did say that he could tell something was up, but didn't feel in necessary to call the police.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,