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Boy set fire to apartment building playing with matches


In a matter of seconds, a lighter became a dangerous toy for one west wide Savannah boy.

Several people are now looking for temporary housing after their apartment was damaged by fire. Firefighters said a child set fire to an apartment building playing with matches.

It was just a little after 3 p.m. when Bhoyan Williams discovered her son had set fire to his toy box.

"I heard smoke detector going off, so I jumped out of bed," Williams said. "I asked Raheem what was he doing and he said he wasn't doing anything, so I seen the lighter and I took it from him. I told him to go to your room and he said I can't I burned something in there and I went in there and I saw the flames."

Williams grabbed her son and mother and quickly got out of the building.

"I shut the room door and called 911," said Williams.

In a matter of minutes, the fire spread throughout the apartment building on Rainbow drive.

"We got it stopped. It got across the hallway that goes in-between the two apartments," said Southside Assistant Fire Chief Hugh Futrell. "We have guys in there, in the attic area. We were able to get it from going into the entire area."

Four units were damaged by the massive flames and smoke.

"I am mad," said Betty Gray, who was visiting her daughter. "This isn't called for. I am crying and still crying."

"I'm real emotional right now, because I have to start all over but that is small, because I still have my life and everybody else," said Williams.

Now Williams said she needs to have a serious talk with her son.

"Don't play with lighters because this is what happens when you play with lighters," said Williams.

"Just a caution to all you parents, keep an eye on your kids," said Futrell. "They like to have fun and unfortunately they like to play with fire."

The Savannah chapter of the American Red Cross will be helping the families out for the next few days.

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