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Residents react to fire that damaged apartment building

Southside Fire says a boy was playing with a lighter or matches that started the blaze. Southside Fire says a boy was playing with a lighter or matches that started the blaze.

Several people are now looking for temporary housing after their apartment was damaged by fire. Firefighters said a child set fire to an apartment building playing with matches.

Thirty people, many of them children, saw their homes go up in flames on Rainbow Drive.

"The whole neighborhood was out here yesterday. You had old ladies coming out thinking their house was on fire. They were scared. It was quite an experience; I have never seen a fire that close before," said Paris Snead, who lives near where the fire started.

The assistant fire chief of Southside Fire said that a young boy was playing with a lighter or matches and his room went up in flames. The boy's mother grabbed him and ran outside, along with the other people staying there.

In a matter of minutes, the fire spread throughout the apartment building. No one was hurt but the entire unit is unlivable. The Red Cross is helping the families until other arrangements can be made.

They will meet with each family individually to make sure they are taken care of.

"I know those people that live on the bottom had like five kids and they lost everything," said DeeAquanita Haley, who lives in the apartments.

According to the fire officials and families who live in the area, this is a very real example of the dangers of playing with fire.

"My kids know what is right and the importance of fire safety, but I just pray that they never set a fire in my house," said Snead.

WTOC spoke with a woman that brought her three grandchildren the apartments to look at the damage to remind them to never play with fire.

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