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Editorial - 2/25/13

While the ultra-hip were consumed with the Oscars, and mere mortals are consumed with finding and keeping jobs, we now approach the over-hyped-pseudo-trauma, called "sequester," defined as "spending cuts to be carelessly made."  Also meaning: "an obscure elitist-word picked because, what the Feds have planned, is also beyond any rational comprehension."  This all resulted from the Congressional "Super Committee's" earlier failure to identify $1.2-trillion in expense savings, leading to legislation mandating it, to trigger January 1st, 2013, with the military, again, getting bludgeoned.    Said the President, who signed it:  "I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic cuts to domestic and defense spending."  January 1st arrived, and this can of abundant cow-squeeze was kicked to March 1st in return for the devil's deal of more payroll tax and less take-home pay for those working.

Now, the President has gone 180 on those automatic domestic cuts, proclaiming fearsome-reductions in essential public services, rather than sensible-savings from the corpulent-waste in Fed-Land; in the process, purposefully scaring the organic-crumpets out of those naïve-millions still gleefully-trudging behind the government's manure spreader.  The Washington Post's Bob Woodward called it: "misstatements, and all the classic contortions of partisan message-management."  Columnist Peggy Noonan described it as simply: "government by freak-out."  Cutting through the pungent government-cheese, you need to know that the White House that has now flipped on the issue, exchanging fear for leadership, is the same one that created the sequester to begin with.  Not Congress, the White House!  What's needed now are not sky-is-falling, destructive cuts, but well-studied, rational ones.  No pain, means no gain, toward capping and reducing our debilitating-debt.    

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