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InSITE--Back to School!

The idea here is to plan ahead, and ease the pain. Start with the P-T-A... Parent - Teacher Association. The first stop is a long list of articles that cover just about everything about going back to school. They are thorough, starting with how to handle the inevitable transitions, very first day of school, new school, or even moving on to the real world. Keep scrolling for safety topics, talking to teachers, and even the bigger picture, making sure your kids make the grade outside the classroom. Note the little green asterisk. That means you have to be a P-T-A member to download the article, but most are free.

Let's shift gears to another freebie site, Kids Health. They have a back to school section you might want to surf with your kids. Talking about what they should expect, in pretty general terms. Keep going for more specifics about coping with the challenges of the first day, and building in a comfort zone, when you pack for school. Even tips on packing a lunch to get the kids through the day, and get them feeling better about school. The last page is a good reminder for anyone, going to school or work. It's all about attitude, and the better your attitude, the better you'll do. They also have a collection of links to other articles with great tips on keeping that good attitude and staying safe and more.

The National Safety Council has a page of good reminders about just getting to school safely, whether you walk or ride a bus or carpool. This is a good week to remind everyone of those routines that may not be so familiar after a summer off, or changes in the new year.

Family Corner has some great suggestions on one of the toughest parts of back to school. Breakfast. Check their suggestions on simple, quick meals the kids might actually like. They also have suggestions on after school snacks that might just be healthy alternatives for that long gap between lunch and dinner, and won't spoil their appetites.

What if you do all this and they still don't want to go? Check out a plan on how to help them like school... and maybe get to the bottom of the real problem... whatever it is.

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