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InSite--Back to School... For the Teachers!

You know the kids are going, but don't forget about the teachers! Back to school is an equal opportunity source of excitement, or sadness at the end of summer. But if you need a little extra spark going back to the head of the classroom, I have some suggestions. Teachers are supposed to know it all, and they do. As a group. But like anybody else, if they share ideas, they get even smarter.

Lots of links to sort through, but I wanted to start with one that is essential, especially if you're a teacher or librarian who isn't exactly 'net- friendly. This page of lessons from the University of South Carolina - Beaufort is the best place to start. The only warning here, this lesson is a few years old, so the basic information is a great start, but you might need some updated advice.

For some practical things to get school started on the right foot, check out ABC Teach. They offer a page of activities especially important on those first few days when youngsters are getting to know their new surroundings and classmates. Lots of examples of things a teacher can hand out to the kids and have them explain a little about themselves, a lot better than just going around the room, and you can post them in the classroom.

Proteacher has lots of suggestions, most pretty simple to execute, especially as first day activities. Most are clear and easy to read, like a suggestion from a co-worker. For a little more detail, go to their home page, which covers just about every elementary school level or specialty I can think of. Including something they call "the vent" where teachers can post questions, or just rant about classroom situations and problems. Read through these, and you might just solve some problems of your own.

Education Planet is another site you want to surf to, with a lot more links and subject material that has to cover just about every school situation.

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