Arnsdorff's Father on Deadly Accident

A father is trying to clear the air about his son. Over the weekend, 31-year-old Randy Arnsdorff, Jr., was driving with his young, pregnant girlfriend and wrecked. Officers say he fled the scene.

WTOC talked with Arnsdorff's father about the wreck and the situation.

"I'm the one who turned him in," Randy Arnsdorff, Sr., told us when we visited him in Springfield.

Early Saturday morning, he found out about his son's deadly crash on Courthouse Road in Effingham County. His unborn grandson was killed, and his son's 15-year-old girlfriend was paralyzed. "I feel for her more than anybody could feel for anybody," Arnsdorff said.

His son left the scene of the crime. Police suspected he had been drinking alcohol, but his father has a hard time believing media reports. "He did stay and help the girl," Arnsdorff said. "He was there and helped the girl out."

Arnsdorff claims his son didn't leave until Georgia State Patrol arrived. Arnsdorff, Jr.,  was charged with vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, and fleeing the scene of an accident. After he was missing for three days, it was his father who called police.

"He has been in trouble with the law before," Arnsdorff, Sr., told us.

He served seven years in jail, starting when he was 17, for his role in a murder. Just recently, the 31 year-old had a falling out with his family when he became romantically involved with 15-year-old Chelsea Smith, who was carrying his child.

"I ran him off right here on account of that right there," Arnsdorff, Sr., said.

He says the two families are standing by each other during this horrible situation. As for his son, Arnsdorff says he's on his own now. "I helped him out enough. It's time for him to quit now."

Arnsdorff says the two families forgive his son. The funeral for the unborn baby boy is tomorrow. Randy Arnsdorff, Jr.,  is in jail awaiting the next move in court. We'll keep you posted.

Reported by: Don Logana,