Sanitation Driver on Montgomery Street Explosion

Curtis Eady at the scene that nearly turned deadly.
Curtis Eady at the scene that nearly turned deadly.

Just two weeks ago, sanitation worker Curtis Eady was picking up trash on Montgomery Street when something exploded in the trash container. Miraculously, Eady wasn't injured, but he just can't stop thinking about the incident. For the first time, Eady is speaking out about the explosion that shook midtown Savannah.

He says he's still in shock, that moment he was nearly killed playing over and over in his mind. "I'm blessed to be alive," he said.

Eady has been a sanitation worker for the last ten years. He says he loves his job, it gives him piece of mind. "I'm by myself working," he said. "I don't have to worry about anybody else it's just me."

He enjoys work so much that when he was asked to work on his day off that fateful Thursday, he agreed. And that's when his peaceful job almost turned deadly.

"I came to this Dumpster, lifted it up, dumped it into the truck and that's when the explosion happened," he recalled.

The explosion was military munitions going off when Eady emptied the container in his truck. "All that stuff from inside the, I mean bullets was coming inside the cab," he said.

Soon after, Savannah-Chatham police closed down Montgomery Street from 61st to 65th Streets, sealing off the neighborhood and evacuating several houses nearby. Police and ATF searched a house where they found a cache of weapons. The suspects, father and and son Broderick and Brandon Dass, had already been arrested on federal weapons charges.

Now two weeks later, Eady still can't believe he's alive to share his story. "You just don't walk away from something like that," he said. "I thank God I'm here to tell you this."

Eady says he still gets a little shaky when he gets to that trash container on his route every morning, but he says not enough to quit his job.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,