Coastal Region Attracts New Professionals

One of the web's most popular healthcare destinations, WebMD provides information on vast variety of medical topics. The millions who use the site can find relevant articles and even interactive tools to help guide health choices.

While the folks at WebMD would never tell you that a PC could replace your physician when it comes to your healthcare, it may be a good first stop for some helpful advice.

"There's something to be said about being in the [doctor's] office, but I think we're a good partner with the professionals to provide additional information and educate you the consumer," said the company's Shannon James.

As a senior producer for WebMD, James is working on an interactive tool to help dieters eat sensibly. "We aren't doing any of the fad diets," she told us.

Though she's based in Atlanta, wireless technology lets her work from just about anywhere, including a Savannah internet cafe.

"It's interesting actually, WebMD, we have offices across the country and business partners around the globe, so even when I'm in Atlanta I'm working with remote teams in Portland, Oregon, and Manhattan, and Atlanta, and Paris, France, and they don't know if I'm working out of Atlanta or Savannah," said James.

In fact, for people like her, choosing a location is actually more about lifestyle than access to the workplace.

"I think the quality of life down here is better," she said. "I see Savannah as the kind of place where you'll have a lot more people who, given the choice, will would move somewhere like Savannah over an Atlanta for the improved quality of life and still have all the resources that you need."

In fact, she says the coastal region has gone out of its way to attract professionals like her. "If I weren't at WebMD for the next 30 years, I feel like would be other opportunities here in Savannah or around the coast, whereas ten years ago someone that moved down here might not feel they had those career opportunities."

So as she decides on her next move, it just might be into our neighborhood.

Reported by: Charles Gray,