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Broadcast, digital media used during severe weather in Beaufort Co.


No sirens went off in Beaufort County Tuesday morning when a tornado warning was issued because they don't have any.

So, how do officials alert people during emergency situations?

The county says it's simple, folks need to watch TV or listen to the radio to find out about weather emergencies. Some say that needs to change.

"One thing about it, if they had sirens, people could have got up, got awoke and got ready, because there would have been a period of warning time," said Dwain Holiday.

Despite the tornado watch and flooding roads, Beaufort County authorities said there was no immediate danger. If things had gotten really bad, they would have used social media to warn folks.

The county has never had sirens.

Holiday says social media, radio, and TV are great, but just not enough.

"A lot of people's electricity might be cut off, so they wouldn't know until the trees and stuff started falling," said Holiday.

The county said they believe the system they have works for them. And, because of their partnership with the National Weather Service in Charleston, they're always informed during weather related issues.

"We're in constant contact, whether that be in text or email. Our emergency management director was on top of that and really keeping a close eye, making sure everybody in Beaufort County was alright," said Joy Nelson, public information officer for Beaufort County.

The county does not plan on getting sirens anytime soon, but it maybe something they look at in the future.

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