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InSITE--Make the Most of Your Mouse Time!

Do you spend a lot of time, maybe too much time sitting at your computer? Need a little exercise? I found a place you can surf, and shape up. Warning! This site contains a commercial trying to get you to buy a book. So let's get it out of the way right here at the start. The book is "Computer Fit" by a Canadian physiotherapist who specializes in how our lifestyles, usually sedentary, make it more likely we'll get hurt in day to day life. So the hours you spend sitting at the computer could mean you'll get hurt easier, and take longer to get better. Why am I doing a commercial for the book? Because even though he's trying to sell you something, he's giving some really important things away for free. Exercise tips anyone can learn from. And as far as I can tell, anyone can do these simple exercises. The first is obvious. Stretching. It's key to great athletic performance for the pros, and just as important to weekend jocks, or folks who move the mouse and pound the keys. This will get your blood flowing, and might just make you work a little smarter. Here's where he starts giving away his secrets. A long list of simple exercises. Like a couple of stretches you can do while you wait for a web site to load, or a document to print. It'll only take a few seconds. A few more that just seem so simple, but that's important. You can do them. They'll start you feeling better in the middle of the day, give you a little boost, and you won't even notice the exertion.

If your hands cramp up when you type a lot, stretch a lot. Work your fingers, get the blood flowing again, and give your hands a little variety. It might just save you surgery later. If you get a stiff neck staring at a monitor all day, you need to do a few things, like change the angle, and maybe consider glasses if you're straining, but once that's done, more simple stretching in place at your desk will make a difference. Maybe you won't be quite as tense or tight at the end of the workday. One more for relaxation, that'll help in anything you do, learning how to breath a little better. I know, you can do it in your sleep. But do it this way, focus on it, and you'll get more benefit from every breath.

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