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Neglected Dog Needs a Good Home

A few weeks ago, a dog named Sunshine walked into the Weeters' lives. He showed up on their Wilmington Island doorstep, hungry and badly injured. "[His] paws were broke, and he was hurt and stuff like that," said Melissa Weeter.

The 15-year-old and her family suspected Sunshine had been abused. Unable to take him in themselves, they started looking at their options.

"We didn't want [him] to be put to sleep," said Melissa.

The Weeters brought Sunshine to Dr. Patrick Bremer's veterinary clinic, where he found out a few things. Sunshine is two years old, is a chow mix, and was not abused. "I really doubt he was abused, but he was neglected," said Dr. Bremer.

He thinks Sunshine may have gotten into some bleach, which he drank and walked in. This caused internal and external damage. He says the good news is Sunshine is all healed, and ready to be adopted. "There's no deadline. We will keep him until he is adopted."

The Weeters continue to help out by sending money to the vet clinic. They hope a good family comes along soon to take the pup home.

"Maybe with kids, so they can play with him," said Melissa.

They can't support Sunshine forever. If you'd like to adopt him, call Dr. Bremer's office at 897.3300.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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