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Heavy rains damage roads around Effingham County

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The rain is gone but it left many roads seriously damaged throughout the Southeast; many of them are simply undriveable.

Parts of Mount Hope Road in Guyton were damaged after water left huge washed out areas, some over a foot deep.

"The earth just couldn't hold it, and it started to pond up, and that lead to run off, which led to these washouts," said Robert Crosby who lives near Mount Hope Road.

This was just one of the many spots in Effingham County that were causing drivers some trouble.

Effingham County deputies were out all morning monitoring the roadways to make sure they were safe.

The damaged did not disrupt school schedules. 

That was not the case in other counties such as Tattnall and Jeff Davis where roads were even worse. Entire roads were washed away, making them impossible to cross, forcing schools to close again.

The hardest hit spots were the dirt roads but crews have already begun the clean up in Effingham County.

"The county is very good. They come out and do a survey. Then they will bring the equipment out and grade it and really make it into a pristine road again," Crosby said.

Crews will be busy the next few days trying to get the roads back to normal.

Many people are just happy the rain has stopped.

"I could use a little break and let it dry up. Things need to heal up a little bit," said Crosby.

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