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Day 1 of the 2013 Walk for American Red Cross


It's a little strange to write anything with the word "I" in it because that goes against all the journalism rules. But the Walk for American Red Cross is a little unconventional for a journalist too. So here goes...

The first day of the 2013 walk got off to a great start. Sylvania mayor Margaret Evans and several people from city hall were on hand, along with Cpl. Julian Dews from Sylvania Police and several Red Cross staffers and more people were there to help start the week--long trip. Many of them have seen Red Cross' response in times of emergency.

"Red Cross is so important here in this community and in every community," Mayor Evans said. "We know they will show up in the darkest hour no matter what time or what day."

Longtime Red Cross responders Lynette Greene and Rachel Toy spent the day driving ahead of me in the response truck one half mile at a time and I would walk to them. We averaged four miles per hour for our 13 miles today.

Lynette told us a story of a fundraiser a few years ago where volunteers manned a street corner one Saturday and collected hundreds of dollars. Later in the weekend, they responded to a fire and used all those donations to feed, clothe, and house a family that lost everything in a fire.

That's a good motivator to keep walking this week.

THURSDAY: I'll make a stop at R.J.'s on South Main in Statesboro to visit with the breakfast crowd at 7am and hang out with the old Snooky's breakfast crowd that migrated up the street when Snooky's close. From there, we'll drive out to Great Dane's plant at Gateway Industrial Park. After a quick presentation from them, it's out to U.S. Highway 301 to Claxton. Several people are meeting outside Cilantro's and we'll walk into town. After some live TV during THE News, I'll be serving food (not cooking, count your blessings) and bussing tables at Harry's BBQ in Hagan. Come by and say hello and join in as we help Southeast Georgia's American Red Cross.

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