Seeking Teen Double Murder Suspects, Police Raid Wrong House

The suspects had been sighted here, but moved on.
The suspects had been sighted here, but moved on.

A police mistake almost let two suspected killers get away. Tuesday afternoon, law enforcement--mostly from Fayette County--received a tip that two teens wanted for killing one teen's grandparents were in a house on Tybee. When police moved in to arrest them, they went to the wrong house.

Someone told police that they saw the two teens go into Dodie Gay's house and went in to get them. But to their surprise, all they found was the homeowner.

"I'm looking at these law enforcement officers going, I don't know any of you," she recalled. "Who are you? Where are you from?"

In the process of moving out, Gay wasn't around when Sandy Ketchum and Holly Harvey, charged with killing Harvey's grandparents, took advantage of her empty home. When Gay returned the next day to clean up, she suddenly found herself surrounded by police.

"I'm showing them I have no weapons, I know what to do, I got on the ground," she said.

After she was unhandcuffed, she was told the two girls had actually been seen on her property camping out underneath her house.

"We immediately figured out that the girls were in the vicinity, they had been seen in my home before and they were next door," said Gay.

After the mix up, officers moved to the house next door and arrested the two girls.

"Sure it was frightening, but they had to do that," Gay told us. "They didn't know me and they shouldn't have treated me any differently than anyone else, plus they thought the suspects could have been in the home with me and that I might have been in harm's way as well."

Despite the mix up, Gay says she's not angry. In fact, she is upset that people have asked her if she was going to file a lawsuit.

"If that old couple had been one of my relatives, someone I knew, or regardless if I had any connection at all, I'd say you knock on any door, you make any attempt you can," she said.

Both the teen suspects are due back in court for a preliminary hearing at the end of this month.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,